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There will be a New Moon and Eclipse in Scorpio on November 13th 2012 at 2:09 pm PST or 10:09 pm GMT for everyone else.

The Path of the earth around the sun is called the ecliptic. When the path of the earth, moon and sun are about 3-4 degrees in a node solar eclipses happen. Then two weeks later there is a lunar eclipse.

This new moon solar eclipse combo contains the knock out punch for all past pains and failures followed by the transformative power of renewal, healing and transformation of that which the Scorpio archetype brings to the cosmic kickball party. During this new moon eclipse, there will be a brief interruption to the billions of megawatts of electromagnetic radiation of our sun. Our G class star produces light in the form of Gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet rays and nearly every frequency of light currently detectable in science. Solar Eclipses can only take place during the new moon when the path of the earth around the sun called the ecliptic aligns with the path of the moon around the earth. When such an alignment occurs, the face of the moon temporarily blocks the light and eclipses the sun.   Those of you that live in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, will experience four minutes of siblime cosmic confirmation that the world is nothing less than beautiful and extraordinary by design. Meanwhile, The rest of us will have to settle for the concept that the transformative power of the scorpion new moon eclipse will be downloaded into the matrix of the earth’s grid. The Scorpio new moon is about the renewal of physical, mental, emotional and etheric health of ourselves as well as each person in our collective community. This is a time to face exposure of your deepest fears and desires so that you can transmute the less desirable outcomes into a co-creative effort towards success that satisfies you with you interpersonal relationships. In classical astrology, Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac ecliptic and was originally ruled by the planet and the God of war, Mars. Scorpio shares rulership of Mars, along with the day of the week Tuesday, with Aries the ram. Aries is the masculine day representation of Mars and Scorpio is the feminine/night representation of Martian energy. Aries is the cardinal ruled fire sign that is coupled with his cardinal opposite, the Venus ruled Libra. Scorpio is a fixed sign that is co-ruled by Mars and is opposite of The feminine night representation of Venus, Taurus the bull. Taurus is the Venus ruled fixed earth sign that complements Scorpio’s Martian traits in the same way that Aries complements Libra’s qualities. In modern Astrology, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the solar body that was reclassified as a Dwarf Planet by the International Astronomical Union in 2006. (sex dwarf) Pluto is located in the outer part of the solar system far from the sun. Since there is so little light at this distance from the sun, the Planet is named after the God of the underworld often referred to as Tartarus to the Greeks or Hell by the Abrahamic religions. After the Olympians defeated the Titans led by Atlas, the relm of humanity was divided between Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. Jupiter was given dominion over the sky, Neptune was given dominion over the sea and Pluto was given dominion over the underworld. This ruler of the underworld is named Yama in the Hindu Vedas, Anubis in the Egyptian Pantheon, Hades by the Greeks and Dis pater by the Romans.—(this brings being “dissed” to a whole new level)— It is important to note that in antiquity the underworld was made up of several layers known in the modern world as purgatories. Hell was only one of the layers of Tartarus. Pluto is one of the Dodekatheon or olympian gods in mythology whose claim to fame was kidnapping Proserpina (Persephone) and upsetting Ceres, which brought man-kind cyclical winters. Thanks Pluto! Pluto has a 3 headed dog named Cerberus that prevents souls from leaving after they have been escorted across the river styx by Charon. Charon is also the name given to Pluto’s moon in Astrophysics.

Ronny B Honeyfield  as the Goddess of Magick, HEKATE

Ronny B Honeyfield as the Goddess of Magick, HEKATE

Last but certainly not least is Scorpio and Pluto’s association with the mysterious and powerful Goddess of Magick, Hecate! Known as Trivia in Roman mythology, Hecate is the triple goddess of Greece who was said to be the mother of both of the powerful sorceresses Madea and Circe. Just like the moon oscillates between the new, full and dark, all triple goddesses represent the maiden, the mother and the crone aspects of all female deities that are known as Tripartite goddesses. In some accounts Hecate is a mother of angels who is associated with crossroads, fire, light, and the Moon with an impeccable knowledge of poisonous plants that harm, along with herbs that heal. In fact, Hecate is another example of how formidable females are marginalized by the patriarchy in the so-called civilized western world of recorded history. Like Imhotep, Asclepius and Ophiuchus share their mysterious association to the sign of Scorpio, Hecate underscores the logic for why Scorpio is referred to as the Scorpion, the eagle and the Phoenix. The Scorpius constellation lies between Libra and Sagittarius on the zodiac ecliptic. This constellation contains the star system Alpha Scorpii. The common name for Alpha Scorpii is Antares. Antares which is a red supergiant star that is 300 million times bigger than our sun. our Sun is about 1 million miles in diameter while Antares is 300 million miles in diameter. Antares is considered the heart of the Scorpius constellation and has a blue companion star. The Scorpius constellation is only 7 degrees long and is therefore about 7 days long in sidereal astrology. However, In Tropical Astrology, The sector of Scorpio is a full 30 degrees which includes some of the attributes of the so called 13th sign of the zodiac known as Sepentarius. Serpentarius is commonly known as the enigmatic and contraversial Ophiuchus that was mentioned previously as part of Scorpio’s gifts of transformation and healing !

Robert Bauval’s Book does a great job giving the details of the correlation of major structures in and around Egypt. He also discusses the work of Graham Hancock and Robert Shoch.

There are many myths associated with Scorpio. The most common myth is that of Artemis and Orion the hunter. Orion boasted to the goddess Artemis and her mother, Leto, that he would kill every animal on the earth. Although Artemis was known to be a hunter herself, she offered protection to all creatures. Artemis and her mother Leto sent a scorpion to deal with Orion. The pair battled and the scorpion neutralized Orion. (There is also a secondary story involving Artemis’ twin brother, the sun God Apollo if you wish to look further into this fascinating myth.)

Robert Bauval  (Pisces) and Graham Hancock (Leo) discuss the concept of Duat, the alignment of major monuments with stars in the sky. The Egypt Code and the Orion Mystery are perfect examples of this work.

Robert Bauval (Pisces) and Graham Hancock (Leo) discuss the concept of Duat, the alignment of major monuments with stars in the sky. The Egypt Code and the Orion Mystery are perfect examples of this work.

Orion was said to be followed by his faithful dog, Sirius. If you look deeper into the story, you will find that Orion, Gilgamesh, and Hercules share many similarities. However, the primary association of the Orion constellation is to that of the God Osiris and his consort Isis. According to the papyrus on Anubis, The Osiris, Isis and Horus trinity has an association with Sirius called sothic cycles that are equal to 1,461 years of precession. The Heliacal rising occurs when Sirius becomes visible above the eastern horizon just before sunrise. Robert Bavaul and Graham Hancock speak extensively on the Orion Correlation theory. The Khemetic idea of Duat is the notion that monuments built in antiquity are meant to mimick their counterparts in the sky. In the Christian story of Jesus Christ, the three kings or three Magi were associated with the names of the three major stars of Orion’s belt. On one side of the belt you will find Sirius and on the other side of the belt you will find the Hyades and Plieades. Being Opposite of the Scorpius Constellation, as the Orion/Osiris constellation rises, the Scorpius constellation falls because they are about 180º degree from each other in the night sky. Such information barely scratches the surface of the mysteries involving Scorpius, let alone all of the mystery systems connected to the world of antiquity. Known as the most sexual sign of the zodiac, Scorpio has a special charisma for attracting those that they desire with the pure intensity of their thoughts. Thought waves that are so strong that they are considered to be a subtle form of telepathy. Scorpios can be: Jealous Compulsive Secretive Suspicious Resentful Obsessive Obstinate and Controlling! The sting of the scorpion’s tail is well-known throughout the zodiac—just ask Orion—Like Taurus rules the throat, Scorpio rules the genitals.

Vianey, Archetype Maiden Scorpion! Determined to get what she wants and will not take no for an answer...Nunca!

Vianey, Archetype Maiden Scorpion! Determined to get what she wants and will not take no for an answer…Nunca!

So while Taurus can attract people with their voice, Scorpio can attract people with the subtle unspoken promise of sex, without having to say one word about the subject. Since Scoprio Co-rules Mars, the planet of fire, they can be very forward, fiery, creative and secretive individuals that are often excellent leaders or at times fascist dictators. Scorpios assoociation with Pluto adds to their charismatic and sexually charged character. At times this energy can add to the obsessive thoughts and ideas that often drive Scorpio’s personality. However, Pluto helps to balance Mars’ fire with its more icy characteristics. While your passionate Mars Scorpio gets hot and angry, your icy Pluto Scorpio will shut down and give you the ice cold silent treatment. In essence, Scorpio can be as hot as the face of the sun or as cold as an arctic blast. But before you look deeper into the Scorpio stereotypes, don’t forget the hero charateristics of Scorpio represented by the eagle. This is the aspect of Scorpio that makes them great scientists, excellent in the armed forces, and outstanding additions to any fire department. Positive Scorpio traits include: Determination Intuition a Strong will Excitement Being Forceful Being Emotional Being Passionate and Extremely Magnetic This does not even take into account their amazing capacity for knowledge. Scorpio posesses the potential for great academic intelligence as well as intuitive strengths that lead to innovation. So next time you think of the Scorpios that you know, remember that there is much more depth to them than they may be letting on.

Icosahedron-Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer

Water Triplicity Icosahedron

There are three water signs. Each one has there on unique quality. Cancer is Cardinal, Scorpio is Fixed and Pisces is Mutable.

With the download of the new moon eclipe in Scorpio launched from the house of Scorpio, we are having a NON-STOPScorpion festival until Sagittarius starts.

Scorpius Icosahedron

Scorpius Icosahedron, The Fixed Quality of Air Represents the Stable Vector of the Water Sign Continuum.

There will be fierce acts of heroism, sensuality, change and healing taking place as planet earth pushes itself towards the threshold of light that is the promise of a renaissance and a much anticipated golden age. The amniotic sack of vast possibility is about to break; giving birth to a wider array of consciousness that will allow you to make more decisions out of love and courage over the false motivations of anxiety fear and disappointment. The charismatic healing properties of fixed Scorpio gives you both the staying power and the strength to beat all odds at work and at home… both public and private. Scorpio’s fixed nature provides the stability for the fall in the northern hemishpere and the spring in the southern hemisphere. Scorpio’s star knowledge highlights how to take the hurt, adversity and failure of the past and use it as a vehicle of transcendence and transformation that will launch you like the heroic eagle into the theshold between the sky and the heavens. If you choose to focus on past mistakes, use your past as a compass that guides you in making better choices in the present. Pisces reminds us that all forms of mattter, sound and electromagnetic energy comes in waves. Large high frequency waves that can create the perfect storm that builds your stamina and staying power or smaller waves with lower amplitude that give you the opportunity to surf through anything with the proper preparation and perspective. Take care to recognize when it is time to hold on and resist versus when it is time to push forward with the full intensity and intent to contend with any big challenging waves that are forming at high tide. Cancer teaches us that you can do anything as long as you keep moving and stay focused on the goal…even if you walk sideways at times. The Cardinal forces of Cancer pushes us towards leadership with passion, intuition, support, nurture and the stability of Scorpio’s anchoring yet watery prowess. Solid, liquid or gas! Fixed, Mutable, or Cardinal, As we push towards winter, there is nothing you cannot do. No form you cannot assume. No wave that you cannot ride provided that you remember to strive towards your wishes in the world of the collective cosmic dreamspell.

Tetrahedron-Sagittarius, Aries and Leo

Fire Triplicity or Tetrahedron

Fire Triplicity: Aries Cardinal, Leo Fixed, Sagittarius Mutable.

Its out with the old and in with the new. You know that you need to make the space in your life in order to

Sagittarius is considered "old fire" of the Tetrahedron Fire Sign Continuum. Chiron is the name of the Centaur to which this sign is named after. Chiron is the "Wounded Healer" and "THe Teacher of Heroes" in Mythology. He is said to have taught Asclepius (Imhotep), Castor and Pollux, Jason (of the Argonauts fame) and Achilles. Sagittarius is the 8th sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by the planet Jupiter.

Sagittarius is considered “old fire” of the Tetrahedron Fire Sign Continuum. Chiron is the name of the Centaur to which this sign is named after. Chiron is the “Wounded Healer” and “THe Teacher of Heroes” in Mythology. He is said to have taught Asclepius (Imhotep), Castor and Pollux, Jason (of the Argonauts fame) and Achilles. Sagittarius is the 8th sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by the planet Jupiter.

manifest that which you want while others merely complain. You have learned that fear can be trained to be your best dance partner because of the amount of passion that you convey while you grapple with your anxieties. You are the club of fire in the cosmic deck of playing cards that always carries the trump card of action and change in your pocket. Jupiter in retrograde may slow your roll, but nothing can stop your expansion through the world of source code, matter and energy. Remember as fire, you are the bridge between, Earth, Air and water that facillitates the connection of the elements to the Aether that is known as the dodecahedron. Since you are fire, you rule action and progress by not surrendering to the cynicism of the set-backs that often occur while Jupiter and Mercury in are in retrograde. Mars ruled Aries reminds us that our lack of patience can create a self-inflicted pain equal to that of Sisyphus, doomed to an eternity of pushing a boulder up the hills of Tartarus. Leo teaches us that our attitude is that which makes that stone feel like a multi-ton megalith or a pebble tiny enough to fit in your pocket. This is the royal regent’s way of reminding you that sometimes the hardest job in life is to learn to get out of your own way. Teacher of heroes, Chiron the Sagittarian, reminds us that sometimes our self-created wounds and set backs in life teach us how to make better choices in the future. So stay the faithful and fateful companion of optimism and change through the expanse of experience while following your own regal star on the celestial road to inner peace and serenity.

Hexahedron-Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo

Earth Triplicity: Hexahedron is the Cardinal (Capricorn), Fixed (Taurus) and Mutable (Virgo) quality of the earth signs.

Earth Triplicity: Hexahedron is the Cardinal (Capricorn), Fixed (Taurus) and Mutable (Virgo) quality of the earth signs.

Set yourself free from the intense gravity of your earthy and logical thinking and embrace that which you see with your 3rd eye insight over that which you percieve is in front of you. Pluto in Capricorn is harmonizing with Saturn in Scorpio making you the engineer of any future that you can see with your mind’s eye. You currently have the insight to decode any scorpion/Orion mystery while you slowly learn to walk the walk of ancient history. Now is the time to stay neutural on politics at home and at work. You are to play the role of diplomat and peace maker. Sponsoring the growth of everyone around you with your anchoring stability and the safety of your firm yet loving honesty. Use your mathematical mind to keep everything in your mind in the thirds of the golden mean of rationality. Just remeber that the ratios of numbers are not always rational when it comes to the emotional honesty and compassion needed to transcend past troubles. Life has prepared you to be an engineer of the mind, body and spirit and embrace the new successes that await you at the crossroad of action, thought, and feeling. Saturn in Scorpio continues to define the boundaries of high expectation, fairness and justice in the earth sign camp. However, be careful not to confuse your perceptions of the proportions of fairness with the objective truth that is defined dynamically through interpersonal relationships. Steer clear of dogma and fundamentalism on every level possible and allow the adjudication of time to help you uncover the greater truths that serve the highest purpose in the consciousness of humanity. Leave space for others to make mistakes without applying the blades of judgment to their throats. Each act of such mindful intention, will assist you in creating the intellectual, emotional and etheric safety necessary to co-create the earthly utopia that helps everyone around you to put their best foot forward. Capricorn sings a harmonious reminder with Saturn that reminds us that assessment and accountability are qualities crucial for growth and necessary allies against procrastination and stagnation. Taurus reminds us that the difference between stubborness and determination is knowledge of context with a dash of flexibility. Virgo reminds us that too much judgement of others can produce the anxiety, suspicion and fear that inhibit personal growth and subtract from collective progress. So consider being mindful of how you choose to skip forward with others towards a better future.

Octahedron-Aquarius, Gemini and Libra

Air Air Triplicity or Octahedron

Air Triplicity: Libra is fire of air because they are Cardinal, Aquarius is air of air because they are Fixed and Gemini is water of air because they are Mutable.
Air Triplicity or Octahedron

Hold on tight as Mercury dashes across the ecliptic in retrograde. Your collective super powers of communications are switching on and off. While you are a smooth operator that can think on your feet, Uranus the awakener is providing the shockwaves necessary to sharpen your skills of communication through the adversity of misunderstandings, blackouts, and technical failures. Your internet may fail, you may miss that important text message, your electricity may go out when you least expect it, and your trips may be unexpectedly delayed. While such setbacks seem big at the moment, focus on the changes that may be happening in the background that are geared towards pushing you closer to your goals. Aquarius remind us that humanity did not have fire until Prometheus stole it from the gods and gave it to human beings, so remember to count your blessings. Gemini reminds us that there is always at least two things to learn from every challenging situations and at least two opportunities to create something better than what you had before. Libra reminds us that nothing in life can defeat us when we choose to remember that life is a constant balance of the scales of temperance or a continual swing of the pendulum of practicality. The collective wisdom of this group of sky gods teaches us that our perspective and attitude gives us the power to transmute circumstance into triumph and transform despair into strength and wisdom. So remember if you are blasted with anymore cosmic storms of adversity, perhaps it is to your benefit not to wish these challenges away but instead wish for the strength to survive them and transcend them!

Dodecahedron/Dragon/Jaguar IX/Trans-dimensional Weather

As the water dragon and the Jaguar IX begin cleaning up earth school, Jupiter and Mercury have begun to harmonize the percussion of humanity as our sun belts out coronal mass ejections on the frequency of love and light that we associate with growth. The square aspect between Capricorn in Pluto and Uranus is Aries are adding to the transformational properties of the Scorpio sun and the download of the scorpio new moon eclipse. Scorpio has begun to sing its siren song. This is the last cosmic lullybye to Hunab Ku and Sirius by the Icosahedron water sign continuum. Since Scorpio is the height and definition of the fall in the Northern Hemisphere, we are on our final descent towards the winter solstice, the longest night of the year and the last day of the Long Count of the Mayan Calendar which is said to align us with the central sun of the milky way galaxy. This will be one of your last opportunities to soul train with the water dragon in our cosmic symphony of organic gears.

The Stars of the three kings lines up with pyramids of Giza according to Robert Bavaul and Graham Hancock. What is your opinion?

The Stars of the three kings lines up with pyramids of Giza according to Robert Bavaul and Graham Hancock. What is your opinion?

The Dance of the Jaguar IX and the water dragon aims the focus of our collective consciousness towards time and all of its potential dimensions: Day cycle, month cycle, year cycle and awareness of the 25,920 year cycle called the great year. The triple aspect of Scorpio: The Scorpion, The Eagle and the Phoenix is equal to the Maiden, Mother and Crone, The son, the father and the sage. Perhaps these are simple metaphors for Mind body and spirit? A cosmic clue that humanity cannot evolve to the next level until each individual learns to function as a unit of a collective whole? Perhaps this underlines the concept that one must learn how to follow with the same emphasis that we place on teaching leadership. After all, Scorpio’s true test does not take place until one’s mind, emotional nature and physical nature are functioning as one. Perhaps the Scorpion represents our emotional nature, the eagle represents our physical nature and the Phoenix represents our spiritual and transformational nature? Perhaps the Scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix can be applied to the phases of the moon? Perhaps Antares in the heart of Scorpio is to remind us of how small the earth is in the larger context of the cosmos? Perhaps Artemis can be associated with Sirius the same way her twin brother Apollo is associated with the sun. Perhaps Sirius is the companion star of our sun? Perhaps all of the planets of our solar system can be associated with the muses, each with its own musical key to magnetically unlock specific frequencies here on earth? Perhaps Artemis is simply the maiden or mother aspect of Hecate? Perhaps Hecate is the female equivalent of Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto combined? As you explore the mysteries of Orion, Osiris and Scorpius, prepare yourself for the next blast of light energy from the Mercury ruled pillars of knowledge that will be broadcasts from the upcoming full moon in Gemini. Fact or fiction, spiritual faith or religion be on the look out for ways in which you can learn to work collectively in sync with your cosmic brothers and sisters as the Jaguar and Water dragon fly us towards the nirvana of apotheosis and unity consciousness. Researching histories mysteries and decoding cosmic history advances us one step further into the Age of Aquarius.

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