Full Moon Pisces 2013

Swimming Through the Dark Neptunian Depths

Full Moon Pisces 2013:  Virgo New Moon II

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Poseidon/Neptune was said to have created HORSES to impress Demeter/Ceres.

Poseidon/Neptune was said to have created HORSES to impress Demeter/Ceres.

Catching up to the full moon in Pisces, Mars travels through Leo, Venus moves into Scorpio and Mercury moved in Libra. Mercury’s trip through Libra energizes the Squaring energy pattern between Pluto and Uranus. Venus, the goddess of love, moved into Scorpio kicking up passion, our sense of idealism and our need for more sensation.

The full moon in Pisces takes place right after we pass through a grand trine which causes a lot of conflict, but ultimately bears the fruit of progress with the shadow work necessary for growth. Right before the equinox we find ourselves at the doorsteps of the eternal struggle of the “order vs chaos” that defines the relationship of the Virgo sun and the Pisces moon. Enjoy the love and beauty that comes from this symmetrical relationship of opposites. Pisces and Virgo define the principles of Sacred Geometry that demonstrate the inseparable interconnectedness that is shared by sentient beings throughout the fabric of the cosmos.

Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac known for their analyzation skill, efficiency in management, and their expression of their love of others through organization. Pisces is the 12 sign of the zodiac that is known for its creativity, compassion and ability to fuse imagination with the application of science. The common bond of service to the community on the basis of love is a bridge that unites these two opposites.

Hexahedron – Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo

Summer Quadrant: Cancer, Leo, Virgo

Summer Quadrant: In the Northern Hemisphere the first day of Cancer starts Summer on the Solstice, the longest day of the year in the NH.

Time to pick up speed and move towards the escape velocity of self-judgement. That’s right “Der Kommissar,” also known as Virgo, has just put you through the rigorous assessment tests of internal and external judgement. While the Angel of purification works from a place of love and higher vibration, such frustration may leave you so weak, that you may not always be able to speak. Focus on purifying and healing your home, your place of work, your family and anything else that will cross your mind during self-reflection. Virgo’s role as the Hermit is necessary for intellectual and emotional growth that motivates us to develop our minds, bodies and spirits, so that we can do better in life. As we enter the only season of the zodiac without an earth sign, it is important to be prepared for the hibernation of our more practical nature as we explore the spiraling spiritual mysteries that lie at the center of the galaxy with Scorpius and Sagittarius.
Capricorn drive and wisdom reminds us that we have no limitations except for the ones that we choose. So choosing proper guidelines, process, and timelines, are essential if you are planning to hike the Herculean heights of hope that is in Pandora’s box of rewards. The crossroad of focus versus frolic can drive you into distraction if you don’t keep your eyes on the summit of certainty of this unstoppable Captain of personal coaching and courage.

The Cycle Between the Three Modes Can be Found in All of the Elements: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. A continuous cycle.

The Cycle Between the Three Modes Can be Found in All of the Elements: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. A continuous cycle.

Taurus drive and wisdom reminds us that the opposition of Saturn in Scorpio does not mean that you are being unfairly challenged by the father of time or the lord of the underworld. Remember that the negative fixed trait is stubbornness, but the positive aspect is unstoppable determination. So consider balancing the the Math of Phi that defines Virgo’s esoteric nature with the golden mean of “Pi-sces” that will connect all of your efforts and commitments to excel in life. Since Venus has turned up the volume on our senses while traveling through Scorpio, expect that there will be plenty of opportunity to act out our passions while we communicate them with the precision of the scales of Astraea.

Virgo drive and wisdom teaches us that speed and communication are not the only factors needed to co-create a world that is a balance of symmetry and wonder. As this emissary of mutable signs helps you to transition to the next season, don’t forget the lessons in adaptability, agility and efficiency that you have re-learned under the Virgo sun. Now that your analysis of the world around you has been expanded, you can move forward with a more balanced approach that is aimed at meeting your adult responsibilities while taking care of the child that lives within your heart. So you can curse Der Kommissar’s white glove of scrutiny for shedding light in the shadows of your darkness, or you can hold gratitude in your heart because you know exactly how to take charge of your life.

Octahedron – Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini

Air Air Triplicity or Octahedron

Air Triplicity: Libra is fire of air because they are Cardinal, Aquarius is air of air because they are Fixed and Gemini is water of air because they are Mutable.
Air Triplicity or Octahedron

Step right up to the love roller coaster of life heralded by that cosmic trickster Mercury. Mercury in Libra will be provoking a lot of thought into action as Mercury flies through one of the zodiac signs ruled by the mighty Aphrodite known as Venus. While there are no major planets in air other than Mercury, you should be aware that since Mercury is in the Cardinal sign of Libra, there will be the oppositions and squares that are associated with both conflict and progress. The fierce forward thinking force of Uranus the awakener continues to double dutch with Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer. With Mars in Leo making a flirty angle with Mercury in Libra, expect the unexpected as the air element of Mercury and Libra gives a turbo boost to Uranus. Expanded consciousness will continue to be the theme among the sky gods or air signs of the zodiac, as they stretch and flex their imaginations to the limit.

Libra drive and wisdom inspires us to diplomatically take on all of the changes with the grace and speed of a cat on the hunt. While the intelligence of this western ruler of the air sign continuum always lets love rule, Libra knows how to display tough love when it is necessary to save your neck. Since justice and temperance are the same principle, Libra understands the secrets that unite our physical limits of earth with the vast expanse of the heavens.

Aquarius drive and wisdom knows how to keep that mind busy to distract you from the dips and turns in your life, that are moving as fast as a bullet train. But don’t let that “Promethean” foresight fool you into over thinking potential problems before they happen. September is a sensitive time for the law of attraction. A time where worry and anxiety can create problems as we call ourselves planning to avoid them. Fear is not much of a factor in the world of Aquarius, but the tendency to over think potential problems can easily lead to the sleepless nights that can create an unfavorable outcomes.

Gemini drive and wisdom allows us to see the possibilities from at least two angles while we look for a third. With Pluto going direct right before the equinox, we are going to need all of the mutable flexibility that we can muster as we raise our arms and scream in anticipation. Being that Gemini is considered the pillars of knowledge and the lovers of the Tarot, the twins know that love can bite you or love can heal you, just like the snakes on Mercury’s Caduceus. This is a time were we have to become more comfortable with the shadowy part of our nature as those of us in the Northern hemisphere head into the fall. Meanwhile all lovers down under, get to put their hands up, and go for the ride of their lives as we all hit an airy peak on the love roller coaster in the amusement park called existence.

Tetrahedron- Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Fire Triplicity or Tetrahedron

Fire Triplicity: Aries Cardinal, Leo Fixed, Sagittarius Mutable.

Time for the charge of “knights” as the days get longer in the southern hemisphere and the nights get longer in the northern hemisphere. Uranus and Pluto continue their “square-dance” while Venus and Mars continue dancing all over their orbs. This creates the perfect time for lots of love, change and even romance. But naturally this recipe can only work if your heart is actually open to love. With the sudden and unexpected changes provoked by Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, you may be feeling a bit worn. This is Normal! Our “cosmic coach,” Saturn is preparing us to do well in both the metaphoric sprint racing and cross country running needed in today’s world. The nature of any forecast is not supposed to be “doom and gloom,” but a simple “heads up,” for what may be coming. This way you can review what you’ve learned and be prepared to modify your approach “on the fly.” Uranus and Pluto have made us look closely at the parts of our foundation and structure that can withstand pressure helping us to identify which parts need to be rebuilt. Now that Venus and Mars are pushing all issues of action, physical sensation and ethics to the front of your mind, you can expect to get very intimate with the truth hidden within your choices no matter how deep in the state of denial you may be living.

Aries drive and wisdom teaches us that in order to be a pioneering spirit we must be dynamic, active and involved in co-creating the universe that we want to live in. Uranus in Aries along with Eris, rewards us when we learn to handle strife. This dynamic duo encourages us not to be complacent and makes us more intimate with change. Cardinal Aries helps us to be less attached to beliefs that do not serve our personal growth. The emperor of the zodiac knows that in order to be the knight that survives the upcoming longer nights of fall and winter, we must learn to feel better in the dark and be confident in our ability to face the unexpected.

Leo drive and wisdom teaches us that intimacy and dependability can make great bed fellows when we learn to accept the positive possibilities. Such possibility will spring from the spiraling cornucopia of the interconnected strength of Leo the Lion, balanced with the sensational passion of Mercury in Libra acting as a catalyst for manifesting our thoughts into action. Now that the darkness of doubt and insecurity move aside, time to reach forward and bring all of the potential “knights” hidden within your shadow to the healing light of day.

Sagittarius drive and wisdom teaches us that the aim of all relationships means to learn how to resolve and transcend conflict. Transcending conflict in a non-traditional manner includes the expansive growth and values of the modern world with the forward thinking bohemian values of Uranus and his “Promethean” pursuit of high ideals. While the “teacher of heroes” is always working on taking the same bluntness that he dishes out, this “old fire” of the zodiac understands the value of being intimate with our flaws as a necessary way to master and transcend them. Sergeant Sagittarius knows that the key of Chiron isn’t just compassion and empathy, but a willingness to embrace and heal our “wounded” shadow side instead of shunning it with shame and contempt. Once we get comfortable with the love of our imperfections, the new sensation from old challenges will be just the beginning of our divine dance towards self-enlightenment.

Pisces, the "old soul" of the zodiac can be both "good" or "bad" depending on how you treat them. I suggest you treat them really well if you don't want to be the victim of a shark attack.

Pisces, the “old soul” of the zodiac can be both “good” or “bad” depending on how you treat them. I suggest you treat them really well if you don’t want to be the victim of a shark attack.

Icosahedron- Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces—

The fortune of Jupiter is expanding as the Archangels of healing and determination guide us to create abundance through awareness, creativity and a deep commitment to cosmic order through community building. As Saturn in Scorpio continues to discipline people with a lot of fixed signs in their natal chart, expect the pain created by those with hard heads to enter the next season with soft asses.

Water Triplicity Icosahedron

There are three water signs. Each one has there on unique quality. Cancer is Cardinal, Scorpio is Fixed and Pisces is Mutable.

Passionate Venus in Scorpio will be dancing circles around Mars in Leo and Mercury in Libra. This dance helps you to move from thought to action in the blink of an eye. The New Sensation of the Jupiter in Cancer aspect along with influences in Scorpio and Pisces, creates a golden mean of symmetry. This symmetry connects the icy tundra of a fixed scorpion reality as Saturn harmonizes with Neptune to help you give birth to sustainable dreams.
Chiron remains retrograde until November 19th, making it a little more challenging for you to heal and recover while Jupiter in cardinal Cancer expands and contracts with Saturn in Scorpio under a Neptunian veil.
Cancer drive and wisdom reminds us that you might not get exactly what you want, but in the end, you

Mutable Quality: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces: The versatile state of matter, personality and character available to human beings when they make the effort.

Mutable Quality: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces: The versatile state of matter, personality and character available to human beings.

will get what you need. The torrent of watery lessons always give way to an eye within each storm. Cancer knows that sometimes in order to win, you have to know when to retreat until it is safe to face the cycle of cyclones. This will happen right as we transition from Pisces to Aries and again when we transition from Gemini to Cancer. So be prepared to do some emotional hurricane hoping by not sweating the small stuff and focusing on the outcome of the big picture.

Scorpio drive and wisdom reminds us that life is an eternal flame that spirals between yin and yang, failure and success and heaven and earth. So work hard and play hard while you remember to be guided by your spirit in place of your ego. But don’t worry, if you continue to put your ego first, Scorpio’s phoenix force will help you resurrect spirit no matter how often your ego is shot down in flames.

Pisces drive and wisdom can be your undoing or your salvation depending on which side of faith your thinking lives. The charitable, optimistic and compassionate waves of Neptune and Jupiter ruled Pisces can leave you feeling like the hanged man on a fool’s journey. Look in all directions for all possible options. While you are at it, look at all of your old options for new possibilities. The dream world will inspire you to trust your instincts so that you have the key to unlock the limits of your life placed there by others. This lock and key effect on life will begin to resemble poetry as you learn every octave available to you on the scale of possibility. So surf with each new sensation with the temperance of Virgo’s virtuous vigilance as you jump into the infinite Piscean Sea of imagination and heavenly creativity.

Virgo, the 7 and the 9, The Alpha and the Omega

Virgo is associated with many goddesses from many cultures around the world.


If Virgo is the moral compass of the soul, then Pisces is the destination. Between this 180 degree angle of existence, there is a continual oscillation between the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine, order versus chaos, and personal ego versus unity consciousness. The flexible and adaptable mutable mode is the common bond between Virgo and Pisces. This bond represents that which we create through the hard work and precision of Virgo that we manifest through pisces. The carefully measured , virtuous approach represented by Virgo unlocks and decipher projects that benefits immensely from the expanded consciousness and transdimensional insight of infinite Piscean imagination. Perhaps the balance between the macrocosm and the microcosm play out through the sacred geometry that links Virgo, Pisces and each of the signs on the zodiac ecliptic with its corresponding polar opposite.

As above so below!


Pisces Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein an excellent example of the brilliance of Pisces

Like the hemispheres of the brain, we need both sides to measure and evaluate how to meet all of the challenges in our lives. Like the lower physical chakras and the higher spiritual chakras, bravery, courage and intimacy are needed to bridge our earthly physical awareness with our higher spiritual divinity. Like the duality of the mutable quality serves as the bridge between Pisces and Virgo, the heart serves as a bridge between humanity, mother earth and the cosmos. From cradle to grave, our mind helps us to decipher and interpret our world, but our heart serves as our eternal transdimensional guide. A guide that can cause us to run in fear, stand up in the face of danger or love long after we have convinced ourselves that we are broken. With all of the challenging squares,and oppositions that have happened, the dance between Pisces and Virgo reminds us that we need both sides of every situation to make informed decisions. We need the scrutinizing, quantifiable precision that is expressed by the Virgo archetype for the purpose of self-reflection and accountability. On the other hand, where would we be without the compassionate, imaginative, creative and faithful vision of Pisces?

The beauty and majesty of the sun, the Isis codes, stonehenge and the great pyramids, suggest that time may simply be a construct of the mind. So perhaps humanity benefits most from learning to value, develop and nurture Virgo’s precision? This would underline an equal need to integrate that with our understanding of why humanity sometimes feel the need to escape into the “Piscean” world of limitless imagination through alcohol and other forms of self-medication. Perhaps only the heart can solve such mysteries? Perhaps every challenge of our “squaring” dueling cardinals serves to help us become more intimate with failure, more intimate with lack of control, and more intimate with change? Perhaps only when we allow ourselves to get more intimate with the “stranger” that is change, will we be able to full embrace the benefits of change?

Irma or "Captain Capricorn" has some wise words to add.

Irma or “Captain Capricorn” has some wise words to add.

Or as Captain Capricorn suggests, perhaps Virgo’s perspective represents the temporary “finite” truth or the illusion of control? Perhaps the Pisces view represents the actual “infinite” truth that there is no absolute control in the timeline of eternity? Perhaps we need to learn to be more present and intimate with the truth? More intimate with change? More intimate with our cosmic brothers and sisters here on mother earth? Like the wisdom that echoes from ascended masters through their earthly avatars, perhaps there is no nirvana, no amenti and no heaven, until everyone is ready to ascend home together? Perhaps knowing we are in it together, will make it easier to be intimate with change and humanity as we leap towards apotheosis and unity consciousness? Getting intimate with the cycles of change while leading with your heart instead of your head, advances us one leap forward into the AGE OF AQUARIUS!

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