FULL MOON IN TAURUS 11/17/13 7:16 am PST


Full Moon in Taurus 2013: The Abduction

A full moon in Taurus occurs on November 17, 2013, at 7:16 am PST  10:16 am EST and 2:16 pm GMT


Taurus rules the second house. The house of Material Wealth and Resources

Taurus rules the second house. The house of Material Wealth and Resources

After the intense new moon/eclipse in Scorpio, it is believed that our strongest intentions are set so that we can charge up to the full moon in Taurus riding upon the chariot of Pluto known as the Scorpio Sun.

The full moon in Taurus is a time to reflect and re-balance how to create realistic, stable,  and enduring  foundations for all of your dreams, desires and goals. Venus ruled Taurus moves slowly during the year of the snake— building, organizing and refining community assets in  personal and transpersonal ways. In contrast, the new moon in Scorpio was about identifying all of your challenges, aligning them with the intensity of your passion and letting go of unhealthy excess. This energy helps people to transcend and transform emotional and personal challenges through the interpersonal resistance and adversity that help you to build a foundation of long-term success.

The unstoppable, passionate and sensuous pursuit of  personal and collective goals is the unifying bridge between the Scorpio new moon eclipse and the Taurus full moon.

In the philosophy of Tropical Astrology, the apparent path of the sun around the earth is called the ecliptic. Each of the zodiac signs is usually up to 5º degrees above or below this line. This line is also an intersection between the many cycles of the earth, sun and the moon that cause solar and lunar eclipses. 

Scorpius New Moon

Scorpius New Moon

The new moon in Scorpio temporarily blocked immeasurable electromagnetic energy from the sun as it passed between our local star and the earth on the ecliptic. There is a new moon every 28-30 days. However when the moon lines up within 3º of the planes of the earth and the ecliptic,  it forms a cosmic intersection called a node. The north node is where the moon goes above the ecliptic, and the south node is where the moon dips below the ecliptic. If the node forms while the moon is between the earth and the sun is causes a solar eclipse. If the node forms while the moon is behind the earth during this causes a lunar eclipse.

While each eclipse happens in a different location when they occur, many astrologers believe that eclipses have a profound transpersonal effect on our personal choices. The strongest effects of the eclipse can be felt three days before the eclipse occurs and up to three days after the eclipse has happened.

A solar eclipse is generally a good time to set your intentions, while a lunar eclipse is considered a good time to check in on your progress. So during the next eclipse on April 15, 2014, consider re-balancing the challenges you are facing to increase the likelihood of reaching your goals.

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