Libra: The Scales, "I Balance!"

September 22/23 - October 23 (Varies)

Libra's Vital Information

Libra's Vital Information

Calendar Time September 23-October 23
House Seven
Duality Male/Day/Positive
Quality Cardinal
Element Air
Libra's Symbol

Libra's Symbol

The symbol is a universal symbol for the scales. Many believe that the scales of justice are those of the Goddess Astraea that were left here to help keep humanity in balance. Some accounts recognize this symbol as the scale of Ma'at to be used in the Hall of Judgement.
Libra's Ruling Planet

Libra's Ruling Planet

The planet Venus rules over the zodiac sign of Libra and Taurus. Venus is the sister planet of the earth but rotates in the opposite direction on her axis and is around 900 degrees.
Libra Positive Traits

Libra Positive Traits

  • Diplomatic
  • Romantic
  • Easy-Going
  • Peaceable
  • Urbane
  • Charming
  • Idealistic
  • Sexy
Libra Negative Traits

Libra Negative Traits

  • Indecisive
  • Gullible
  • Flirtatious
  • Self-Indulgent
  • Changeable
  • Easily influenced
  • Unpredictable
  • Judgmental
Libra Myth

Libra Myth

The Goddess Astraea can be associated with many goddesses of justice and ethics all over the world. The most familiar goddesses that she is associated with are Ma'at and Venus. In Astrology, she along with the Virgin Andromeda, are associated with the sign of Virgo, and the scales of Justice she carries is in fact Libra. Libra is the only inanimate object on the zodiac ecliptic. Libra also represents the chariot of Pluto or Hades. This chariot was drawn by four dark horses and aided with the abduction of Persephone (Proserpina). Persephone's mother Demeter (Ceres) is said to be depressed through the winter because that is the season that Persephone is with Pluto in the underworld.
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  • "To say that I went into my reading a skeptic would be putting it mildly. Although JD had been a reasonable friend of mine for about a week or so I wasn't at all ready to believe what he said he could do through his readings. To say that I came out of my reading with my mind blown, however, would be an enormous understatement. I can't even remember how long it lasted. An hour, two hours? I went to bed having thought I experienced a dream, and woke up realizing that it was something much better than that. Did he predict my future? Did he tell me things I didn't already know? Was the money worth it? Did it open my eyes? My answer would be no, to all of those questions, because it was an experience that surpasses what a simple "Yes" answer would tell you. The knowledge that I was given in a few measly hours still stays with me several months later, and everyday I find myself laughing as time goes on and I discover new aspects of myself that had never been known to me before, yet JD could describe to me as easily as reading a favorite novel during that session all those many months ago. What did I gain? Insight? Wisdom? Knowledge? All of that and more. I entered that meeting as a skeptic, and left it confused. But as the days went on and his words kept repeating themselves in my head as more and more of what he described began happening, I was made into a believer. His words were nothing short of accurate, his mannerisms delightful and humorous, and over all it was an experience that truly convinced me that there is more to this world than what we can behold with our own eyes, and this man can tell you exactly what lies beyond your own personal veil, as though he's been your friend for more years that are possible to live in the short life we are given on this existence."
  • The reading is more of a journey you're taking on your own with JD as your personal intergalactic narrator. Realizing the truth within yourself is one of the greatest gifts a person can have and JD knows when to be the good narrator asking questions, prodding, and giving you the moment of silence to take all your information in, all to create better choices in life and in spirit.
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