3 Astrology Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep Better

Astrologists have much to say about the personalities of parents and how certain star signs are more compatible with one another. Yet, some astrological experts also suggest that new parents can develop better sleeping habits while raising their kids.

Vastu Shastra is a traditional belief that your sleeping habits must be in harmony with the cosmic energy derived from planetary motions. Here are some tips from Indian astrology to help you and your newborn sleep better at night.

1. Put Your Electronics and Gadgets Away

Astrology and some scientists suggest not to keep any electronic or Internet-enabled devices near the head when you fall asleep. Vastu Shastra suggests that keeping these things near the head while you sleep may hamper sleep quality.

2. Avoid Keeping Sharp Things Near The Head

You should never keep sharp things near you or your newborn in bed. Parents need to allow for harmony and peace to set in before bedtime. According to Vastu Shastra, you should avoid sleeping near sharp corners and place your child’s bed in the center of the room.

3. Don’t Sleep With Money Under The Bed

Indian people believe that money symbolizes Lakshmi Mata and that placing money near where you or your child sleeps may lead to disharmony with cosmic energy. Aligning your child’s head to the west and their feet to the east may encourage better sleep quality.

Vastu Shastra sleeping positions and tips are followed by millions of families across India. With poor sleeping habits, it can be difficult to know when to transition to toddler bed time schedules. Yet, these astrology tips may help you to adopt better sleep schedules that will help you and your newborn to sleep better at night.